In what manner I am going to exercise my mandate?

I am going to follow these three principles when exercising my mandate:

Politician must listen to all citizens not only the lobbyists, members of his party or voters who have promised to financially contribute to his campaign. Member of the European Parliament (MEP) shall be the representative of all people and act in the interests of the whole society, not just a small group of the powerful ones. The EU must be the forum where everyone’s voice is heard, no matter if it is a voice of a student or a retired person, someone from a countryside or from a city, a rich one or a poor one, voice of a shopkeeper, factory worker or a clerk. The EU and its policies in general, must not be the game of powerful ones, but must be truly the res publica, where no one is left behind unheard and forgotten.

Being connected with the people is one of centrepiece of politics, according to my opinion. The MEP is here for the people after all. I consider as an unfortunate tradition of Czech MEPs that after they are elected, we never hear about them any more…at least not till next elections. MEP should stay in touch with its voters, inform them about what’s going on in Brussels and explain them how it affects their daily life, both in good way and bad way. MEP should keep explaining why we need the EU at the first place, because of all the extremism and populism spreading all across the Europe and attacking the European unity and solidarity amongst us. It is vital to the MEPs to stay in touch with the citizens so they don’t loose the contact with the daily life reality.

Adhering to pirate values as is transparency of campaign financing and public money expenditure, not employing family members or supremacy of public interest over the private one of myself or my colleagues. These values constitute a base of my moral pledge to every citizen, no matter whether she votes Pirate Party or not, because fair politics should be open to everyone and not be dependent on partisanship.

You are probably asking „Why I should vote for him?“




I am a constitutional lawyer. That's not the most common law profession, that's true. I am interested in rules and unwritten traditions which influence the very existence of our society and still so often remain unnoticed. I focus on the parliamentarism, i.e. how parliaments work and whether their functioning could be improved. At first I have considered it as a purely academical topic, but after I have become an assistant to the President of the Pirate Parliamentary Party Group (PPG) Jakub Michálek, I have had the opportunity to help to the PPG and to examine the work of the Parliament from inside. I am suing the Office of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic to disclose the financing of all parliamentary party groups. Thanks to all of this I have been able to write my first own book.

Besides the constitutional law I am also focusing on international law and international relations. I am working with Jan Lipavský, MP, on various projects concerning the international security - the implementation of the Global Magnitsky Act in the Czech Republic, multinational military cooperation of EU member states armies etc. Thanks to this cooperation I have acquired very valuable experiences and contacts, and I have the opportunity to attend various international conferences (e.g. Berlin Security Conference), work with Pirates from other European countries or participate on writing of the joint European Pirates EU Elections Manifesto.

I come from Jablonec nad Nisou which is not exactly a megacity, I confess. But thanks to my origin I have learned how important is not to be trapped in a bubble of your local or national identity. I knew I have to go to Prague to study law, but also that it would be a mistake to not to experience any other university and therefore I have undertaken one-year study stay at UCD in Dublin. Because of that I have experienced how fruitful an international cooperation can be.

I am young, under 30. But I don't see it as my disadvantage. I speak fluently English, understand German and learn Italian and, yes, Welsh. I believe we need some young MEPs. I am not saying the experience of senior MEPs are not valuable, but do you remember the last time we have tried to adopt the European Constitution? We have got a several-hundred-page long text written behind the closed doors and magnificent failure which froze the integration process on several years. I can't say how it would look like if young people would have written the constitution, but certainly it would have not been that long.

Lukáš Lev Červinka

I am Lev and would like to fight on behalf of us all in the European Parliament.

What I would like to promote in the EU?
 understandable to the Citizens
democratic one
of liberties
strong and safe
truly European
of openness and equity
Europe needs Pirates!
And we as Pirates need YOUR support.

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